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William Joppy

Former 2 X World Champion

William is a former 2 X World Champion (Super Middleweight) and an assistant coach in our program. Since the start, William has been with the program and is a source of wisdom and experience for our young coaches and athletes.

Bruce Babashan

Founder & President, Head Coach

Coach Bruce Babashan has been teaching boxing to young people for nearly two decades.  During that time, Coach Bruce has coached hundreds of young men and women at every sporting level. 


Bruce believes that boxing, when taught correctly, is an excellent way to teach virtues and life lessons to young people. He has been a pioneer in expanding the sport and making it available to young people who might otherwise never be exposed to it. 

Alex Marin Boxing Photo Edit.jpg

Alexandru Marin

IBF / IBO Intercontinental Champions

Alexandru (Alex) is a former 2 X National Champion and Jr Olympic medalist for Romania. He is currently 18-0 professionally and ranked in the TOP-10 in the world by the IBF and IBO! Coach Alex is a role model and works with our more difficult kids.

Assistant Coaches

(Men in our coaching and leadership development program)


Johnny Reyes

Coach Johnny is a Project Foreman for a local large commercial construction firm. He has been in the assistant coaches’ program for several years.


Simba Suna

Simba is a former amateur boxer and has served as a manager for several professional fighters as well. Coach Suna is an accountant and CEO of Freedom Enterprises, business development and stock trading firm. He has been in our coaching program for the past two years. 


Herb Hawkins

Coach Herb is a former amateur boxer and a recovering addict sober for over 15+ years. Coach Herb is an important liaison with athlete struggling with substance abuse issues. Coach Herb has been in the coaching program for two years, and is one of the best boxing “mitt-men” in the area.

Alumni Coaching Program

(These young coaches are program alumni)


Tu Nguyen


Coach Tu is a former Good Fight fighter now in our coaching program. He is also an instructor at Champion Boxing & Fitness. 


Aaron Frank


Coach Aaron is a former competitive fighter in the program. He is currently in the National Guard and been a valued assistant for over three years. 

Fighter/Player Coaches

(These are active athletes in the program)


Brient Rodriguez

Fighter Coach

Coach Brient is a former Golden Glove Champion and current undefeated professional boxer.  Coach Brient helps the team,  attends college, and holds down two jobs as he pursues his boxing career.


Stefon Jordan

Fighter Coach

Coach Stefon is a former Golden Gloves Champion. He is a student, works at UPS, and is an instructor at Champion Boxing & Fitness. 


Christian Hamilton

Fighter Coach

Coach Christian is a former Golden Gloves Champion. He is a student at Towson State University and is an instructor at Champion Boxing & Fitness. 

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