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Hear what some of our athletes have to say about the Good Fight Program

Letter's from Athletes & their Families




This has been a long-time coming — something I’ve been meaning to put in writing since I graduated. We’ve talked briefly about how much it meant to me to be a part of the Boxing team, but I don’t think I’ve ever fully explained it to you. So, as we’ve now just passed the two-year anniversary of my sole amateur fight in Richmond — perhaps the single defining moment of my life — I just want to say quite simply: thank you.

That first day when I showed up at the gym at the beginning of my senior year, you sat us down and told us the score. You said if you put yourself through this, you’ll be different. You’ll carry yourself different. You said anyone can get drunk and start a fight in a bar — it takes a man to set a date and be there in the ring waiting when the time comes. You said you were going to push us, but you were going to keep us safe. From that point on, I was in.

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Hello Coach,


I was sitting here and thinking how less then 6 months ago, I frantically reached out to you with pain and fear in my heart and soul. Yes, we had previously looked into getting my then 16 yo enrolled into boxing as a sport but I let life and work get in the way. My son was dealing with anxiety and sadness but I thought it was just normal teen stuff. Then The virus hit. Everything was shut down, we were mandated to social distance. All his time spent in the Fire Academy program which counted towards him graduating just stopped, school stopped.. life just stopped and everything went downhill from there.

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